Other Musicians, Represented by Carl Vast

Solo Cello – Dan Reiter, Kathryn Vast and Joel Cohen each perform Solo Cello for events such as weddings, formal dinners and winery events. Although the Bach Cello Suites are naturally associated with the Solo Cello repertoire, each cellist also performs other styles. Dan and Kathryn include Celtic, Beatles and some Pop; Joel includes beautiful "classical improvisation".

Renaissance Ensemble – The Festival Consort performs vocal and instrumental music of the fourteenth through early seventeenth century Europe. The ensemble is attired in period costume and plays replicas of instruments of that era, such as recorder, shawm, crumhorn, sackbut, gittern, curtal, hurdy-gurdy, lute and cornet. The Festival Consort also offers Herald Trumpets which perform fanfares for special occasions. The long-belled trumpets with hanging banners are great for the arrival of honored guests.

Strolling Strings – The intimacy of a solo violinist, an endearing small ensemble or the grandeur of a large group with any number of violins plus bass and chordal accompaniment (piano, harp, accordion or guitar).

Americana – Diverse music reflecting the history and regions of America: Bluegrass, Dixieland, Cajun, Swing, Hawaiian, Gospel, Classic Folk Songs, Blues, Surf Music and more.

Ethnic Music – Mexican singer/guitarists; Italian, French and Irish bands . . . all authentically costumed and playing rich traditional music.

DJs – Exceptional professionals who have a friendly presence, cutting-edge technology, customized playlists and an amazing attention to detail.

  • Formal: Wine Sommeliers, keynote speakers (all subjects), security services and ceremony officiants.
  • Informal: Walk-around magicians, mimes, stilt walkers, psychics, jugglers and caricaturists.

Note: We offer performers and styles not listed . . . ask us!


Strolling Strings at Opus One Winery