Mike Wollenberg is widely regarded as one of the premier guitarists in the San Francisco Bay Area and is best known for his work as a fingerstyle solo guitarist. By playing two or three parts simultaneously or by suggesting bass lines or chord patterns and allowing the listener’s ear to fill in the gaps, Mike is able to create the illusion of there being much more than just one guitar. Taking pride in his ability to play different styles of music convincingly, Mike performs an eclectic mix of currently popular hits, jazz, blues and The Beatles on electric and acoustic guitars. He also performs in a wide variety of music groups, from jazz to rock to Americana. One of his favorite formats is a Duo of Guitar and Stand Up Bass (Steve Hanson).

Two of Mike’s CDs, The Hand That Feeds Me and Just Another Fool On The Hill, are live-in-studio solo guitar recordings and have received critical acclaim. Another great CD is A Common Language; the instrumentation is a Duo of Guitar (Mike Wollenberg) and Violin (Julian Smedley). Additionally, Mike is included on the Windham Hill collection of lullabies, On A Starry Night, and has recorded with many other artists, such as Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Dave Balakrishnan, and Connie Doolan.

Mike performs perfectly in sync with the dynamics of any event. He excels in “background music”, defined as music performed at a volume conducive to nearby conversation but without compromising artistry. Special requests are always welcome.